Production prices


We understand it is sometimes difficult to make a decision without knowing the price.

At DvG we believe in transparency right from the get-go. Please see below our day rates. These prices also include all in-house equipment so there won’t be any hidden charges.

On average most of our projects require one day of filming and one day of editing.


One Director/Camera operator

£370 per day


One Editor

£370 per day

Goliath Guarantee

We guarantee that with every video we produce for you, you will receive two teasers for your social platforms, completely free of charge.

Refer us to another company and we will give you

25% off your next project with us.

See things differently with DvG Light Painting

We offer unique light painting video production services to any client who wants to promote their products or services in an innovative and engaging style. Whether you are trying to promote a car, gym equipment, sunglasses or anything, we can create an interesting and dynamic video to add

value to your company.

Derived from our experiences and adventures, we produce content that tell stories not easily forgotten. Smart ideas tell brand stories in immersive and entertaining ways that are born and live through multiple channels and evolve over time.


DvG's stories harness people’s passion and give our client's brand a meaningful role in our lives. We deliver engaging content, with a credible and unmistakable brand identity, captivating audiences with authentic storytelling, to spark global conversations.

DvG creates and produces major productions for our clients. This involves creating viral content that makes a difference, to gain millions of views, media reach and engagements.

Focused on presenting thought provoking stories, that aim to make positive change in people's lives, our content has helped grow our client's fan base across their channels.

We have directed talent, athletes and influences in treacherous terrains, locations and across three different continents. We deal with external producers and directors to attain rights for content acquisition, building strong relationships and a vast network.

If you are interested in creating some content with us, please do not hesitate to get in touch!